Garden Ponds & Water Features

Great for attracting wildlife into your garden

Garden Ponds & Water Features

Garden Ponds & Garden Streams

Adding a pond or water feature to your garden has many benefits besides being a decorative addition to your garden. As a focal point for your garden, the addition of colourful fish and plants and maybe even a waterfall are all pleasing to the eye. Mood lighting in a pond on those hot summer evenings also gives a wonderful touch to the garden.

The sound of running water from a fountain or a waterfall is a great way to feel relaxed and also cancel out noise from roads or noisy neighbours. A pond also supports wildlife that has grown scarce in many areas and gives the added interest of seeing dragonflies, frogs, birds etc that you associate with pond life. It can be educational and inspirational to children seeing how wildlife survives in your very own garden pond.

Garden Water Features

Adding a water feature to your garden has the advantage of providing you with the benefits of the above while taking up considerably less space and are much easier to maintain.

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